Happy Wednesday my friends, foes and stalkers, I'm here to show off all the new art commissions and covers, but only two at a time, cuz well, how many fuckin fantasies,

E-Commerce is a hell of a game, and with NFL season almost upon us and Draftkings ready to take my money, I am always up for the challenge of mastering cyberspace so I can get my place back where I belong,

I had to pick up some art the other day from Master Varese, and whenever I'm down there I always smile about the old days,

But something was different this time,

I started thinking about this E-Commerce thing, and how there really is no limit to what you can make if you do things right, how your attitude has to change from just settling for the first place you can find that looks like all the other places, that all start to look like mini malls with pools and dog walk runs and bad newsletters advertising smoothie nights,

Or you can see yourself where you belong, back at the beach, no longer a day visitor, no longer a tourist, not even a renter this time staring out a the sunrise,

I want to own this time, and not just own, I want the fuckin thing paid for with the comic books and art you generous people keep buying and mounting and repeating,

There are those of you who have been enjoying the ride of the stripper who married the madam, took the black book, got taken down by the feds, ran off to Amsterdam and Moscow to hide, gave up the fortune to come home to get my bulldog, and started over with nothing after erasing my records and starting over as a teacher living in his parents guest room and yet still being chased all over Florida by beautiful young girls with daddy issues and their mothers and aunts alongside them,

Even at my lowest points financially, I always kept my confidence, and I tried to convince myself that I learned my lesson and that the next time I made a chunk of change I would play safe and make a nice life,


So I continue to make this promise, that our sick art and lovely stories shall continue, and the canvases will be as vast as the curiosity that drives them, as I intend to not only build back my castle on the beach, I intend to get a bulldog, maybe even two, one puppy one rescue,

I plan to fill the beach castle with mermaids and then and only then, mount the cameras everywhere and give you fuckers a true TRUMAN SHOW,

Stay Tuned True Believers, I first have to pass my Facebook Advertising Course,

Because every empire must begin with the single bricks,

It's been a year since I said goodbye to my best friend, and we are a real living breathing comic book company,

Thank you to all of you reading this diatribe, because you have helped me make sure my best pal would be proud of her dad keeping the ship floating,

Here's the color flats for The Dirty Disney Art Book, grab your copy now on the new Zeldara Kickstarter




Tinkerbell & The Wasp

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