Happy Thursday my friends, as I'm typing this I'm wearing my new Pink Faro's Lounge Hoodie, featuring Jessica Rabbit on the back in her Steel Bikini getup,

I have tried out several different brands of hoodies and finally stuck with these because the soft interior,

When you're based out of Florida, there is so much fuckin heat, so I like to insulate with a tank top underneath and hoodie over me to make my shoulders and muscles feel good,

So if any of you feel the need to agree with me, pick up a Hoodie now and let me know, anyone who hits me up and buys a hoodie gets THEIR CHOICE OF SKETCHBOOK or POSTER from the Faro's Lounge Archives,

I am only as generous until the cannabis wears off,

And those of you into some Scooby Doo action, we have exactly half of the SIGNED & NUMBERED JOSE VARESE SLAVE LEIA SCOOBY DOOBIE DAMN POSTERS, featuring a very mature DAPHNE & VELMA along with a SCOOBY WOOKIE & CARBONITE SHAGGY,

Each purchase comes with a Sketchbook, comic or poster of your choice,


And now onto my dear Jessica Rabbit, the JEDI RABBIT up above has been claimed but the backer behind WIDOW RABBIT defaulted on the payment and is MIA,

Like we always say at Faro's Lounge, my wall or yours, but as you always know this baby is getting made,

Which one of you will take her home,




Jessica Rabbit as Black Widow

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