Finally the wait is over, as we have the Gaming Goddesses Cover Colored -- Disney's Mortal Kombat Art Book --featuring 24 Full Color Collected Covers from our Blank Cover Commissions Series, featuring ladies of the Gaming Universe,

As you know, or maybe you don't, this was part of the Gingers, Gamers Easter Kickstarter Campaign that was ceremoniously SHUT DOWN by those cunts at Warner Brothers, who are the constant WCW to Marvel's WWF -- So of course the only place to get the GAMING GODDESSES is in the BLUE HARVEST Collection at my Faro's Lounge Store,

As soon as I get the High Res from my man Hector, I will be putting in the orders at the Printer Tonight, so you won't have to wait much longer for your Easter Eggs Etc.

As for this month, we also just got the finished colors for the Zeldara 3 Scarface Cover -- so this baby is available in the ADD-ON Section while we wait for the last piece of the puzzle on that campaign,

Happy Shopping,



Zeldara and Scarface Team Up

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