Happy Sunday, here's hoping your day begins with a boner and ends with dinner,

As for me, I'm trying to get back into the fantasy game, mainly because I can't do the bar scene, I look like a creepy old man,

I prefer to keep my social life to me, my dog and my YouTube, and see Hookers and Strippers accordingly, mostly while laced up on potent cannabis oils from the deepest corners of the world,

So onto business, Hector just finished up colors for the Zeldara Scarface Cover, so once he finishes the colors for Mortal Kombat, all the BLUE HARVEST Packages will go to the printer, so I look forward to that update,

I just got this lovely SITH PSYLOCKE Sketch from Emil, and I immediately put in an order for two new Psylocke pieces, one called PSYBORG -- PSYLONS -- PSYLOCKE -- which will be Psylocke and Seven of Nine as a TERMINATRIX COMBO,

The other piece is Psylocke Vs Alien, Blood Sweat Cuts and hopefully flesh colored underwear,

And of course this little diddy from Master Varese, The Update for the RUBIAS DORADAS COVER,

The original art is still up for grabs,

Happy Shopping,




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