Do you ever the feeling God is fucking with you every time you make a commitment to quit smoking cannabis 24 hours a day but then when you quit the entire surrounding world around you reminds you exactly why you have to spend 24 hours a day in a THC induced fog,

You see I have this crazy idea that while Mary Jane is perfection for comic book writing, it is not evolving me as a businessman, 

I take great pride in being able to prove that even the craziest dreams come true, and I have to believe that this Kickstarter, ebay, Amazon, Shopify, Oberlo and whatever other else apps are the platforms that will ride me back to my beach house,

Of course, when you lose, you always feel like it's just another wet dream waiting to be released into your sheets, but then you look at all this great art and continue to remind yourself of why you do this,

Because sometimes, you lose,

Sometimes, the backer drops out on a valuable piece 2 hours before a campaign closes, 

Sometimes, the artist that's supposed to send the original art sends it to the wrong place and the buyer wants a refund because he thinks you're a scammer,

Sometimes, the traffic and the radio both suck at the same time and your AUX wire snaps so you can't listen to youtube on your phone while sitting in a parking lot on 95 and you don't have your vape pen,

Sometimes, you missed releasing your anger into a haze of smoke because you have to remind yourself of the stupid mental game you are playing with God,

And then you think, this all powerful being is just taking a day to test you out, deliver a shit load of bad news and blown deadlines to make you break to see if you're the warrior you claim to be in your comics,

I guess if the sacrifice may continue then at least there's Harley Quinn and Dirty Disney Mashups,

Today's post features Harley as both Sleeping Beauty & Tinkerbell and as always flanking her is The Joker, leaving his iconic grin on both Prince Charming and Captain Hook,

I have lost the backer for Darth Vampira, which is a Sith Rogue and I have added a Cinderella Harley and a Zatanna Sorceress Supreme,

Until my next breakdown, stay cool True Believers,



Harley Quinn as Tinkerbell with a Joker Captain Hook

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