Happy Tuesday my friends and fucks, it's plateau time on the current Zeldara Kickstarter and my beach condo is still so far away,

What do you say we drop some cool ass Sith Lord art and pretend Star Wars still belongs to us.

The Zeldara pencils and inks are finished and I'm about to ship the pages off to my man Rob Epps the color and letter man, who is currently coloring and lettering the pages of Faro Summer 1867 and doesn't need to see daylight to survive as long as I keep his feeding tube full and his children in captivity,

I'm just kidding, I don't use fuckin feeding tubes :)

Austin Brooks unique cartoonish Ghostbusters like pages will definitely put a nostalgic smile on your face, especially the scene where Kathleen Kennedy is assassinated and shipped off to Mars to answer for her crimes,

She instead tries to take over Zeldara's Demon Depot and after brawling out on the Martian soil with our Tri-Titular heroine, she ends with a fate perfect for her Imperial Galaxy destroying selfish agenda driven ass,

Can you tell I have a bias,

While the typical role to play is to hate Kathleen Kennedy, I actually should be thanking her,

The mainstream media's destruction of all of our favorite sci-fi and comic properties is what is currently feeding the renaissance of independent comics, especially on Kickstarter, where all we have to do is respect the mythology that we create,

But I go one better, I live my stories, then twist them around in order to make sure all the scars on my body are worth your entertainment,

Keep reading True Believers, and remember to pick up your copy of the SJW Destroyer ZELDARA




Gwen Stacy as a Dark Jedi

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