Every day is Friday for me, but happy freakin Wednesday regardless, there's a bucket of overpriced Mac & Cheese laced with Short Ribs waiting for me as I wait and chew my nails before a conference call tonight with my man in AZ to discuss how to get these here comics in Patriotika Territory,

But before that, check out my new line of Farrell Apparel Tank Tops, if those chicken dicks at the Marvel Comics Editing Dept won't put my crossover in motion, then we will display it on our chests,

As I slowly deviate from the everyday henley shirts, I will be going into my Tank Top and Hoodie fashion mode, the fuckin jeans stay where they are,

Either way, check out all the new designs, and let me know what you think,


As always we have new commissions coming over from Emil Cabaltierra while Jose Varese finishes up the Gwen and Mary Jane Connecticut Cover as well as the new Dirty Disney Kickstarter for this month,

As always make your pledges right here, I have added two new commissions to the list for Emil,

1 -- GWEN-SESS BRIDE -- Gwen Stacy as Princess Buttercup along with the Marvel Comics Version of ANDRE THE GIANT,

2 -- SURFER HARLEY -- What happens when HARLEY QUINN gets her nubs on the SILVER SURFER'S COSMIC SURFBOARD, maybe a JOKERIZED GALACTUS if there's room on the blank,




Dragon Gwen Stacy

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