Happy Tuesday, I've been using my time as a pathetic single, hooker hunting asshole designing clothes with the safer art of the Faro's Lounge Universe, if that art should exist,

When you get the itch, check out the Farrell Apparel section of the store, I hand pick all this shit myself, and if I wouldn't wear it, I wouldn't fuckin endorse, stay tuned for model pics soon,


Here is Page 9 of the Faro Summer 1867 Issue, this particular page takes up to the planet Neptune, where Faro and Baby will continue to enjoy a final adventure between best friends, if they can survive that fuckin tidal wave.

And speaking of itches and commissions, swipe below to check out what we can all agree is possibly the only girl who can truly save the Star Wars Universe,


Jedi Harley, tearing shit up with what I can only hope will be a Bubble Gum Pink Colored Lightsaber,

After seeing that, I had to order two new commissions,

1 -- THE 7-Y HARLEY ITCH -- Harley Quinn as MARILYN MONROE circa The 7 Year Itch, Complete with fluttering and flying white dress to reveal all that Harley underneath, perhaps a Joker Joe DiMaggio shot in the background,

2 -- ZATANNA-JAMBA-LAYA -- Zatanna goes to New Orleans undercover as a sexy VOODOO VAMPIRE PRIESTESS.

Who will be the proud owners of these babies, inquiring greedy art brokers look forward to finding out,




Harley Quinn as a Jedi Knight

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