Happy Tuesday you filthy tossers,

So it is looking like the man behind the WIDOW RABBIT -- Jessica Rabbit // Black Widow Mashup Commission is not responding, so before the pledge defaults I am debating whether or not to relist the commission or perhaps use the piece as the FARO'S LOUNGE RUSSIAN SAFARI COVER LOL

Any interested or invoked parties let me know :)

I also just ordered a new GWEN STACY COMMISSION from Emil, as well as a Black Cat // Jessica Rabbit future Safari Cover that will make you drool into your Cream of Wheat (fuck Oatmeal, that shit skeeves me out)

What I'm planning now for Gwendelon is a 60s style redo of the old Amazing Spider-Man Covers, giving Gwen Stacy a cool Austin Powers sexy like mix as if she was the one not only bitten, but bitten way back in the Go Go days of March 1963,

The first piece up will be called The Amazing Spider-Gwen #1 -- featuring Gwen Stacy in a Spider-Webbed Catsuit flanked by her arch-villain -- The Face-Morphing Chameleon,

If that baby flies off the shelf, I will immediately commission two more pieces, one with Sue Storm and another with Gwen going undercover as The Vultress,

On to the Dirty Disney Update,

Jose Varese just sent this baby over through the cyberwires

Tinkerbell is firmed entrenched on The Hook, the next update will feature her dance partner THE WASP

Stay Tuned True Believers, and make sure to pledge for your copy of Zeldara the Mistress of Mars,

We're at 99%, so who will be the one to put us over the top,




Tinkerbell doing a lap dance on Captain's Hook

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