It's Wednesday, there must be a ladies night somewhere with a girl screaming "Nobody Loves Me!"

Until that happens why not share some lovely art to entice your senses and perhaps motivate you to make some wall candy for your castle or shack,

First up we have Rogue Sonja, mashing up the mutants and the warriors always results in artistic gold,

I have already ordered a sequel entitled DARTH VAMPIRA, where Rogue goes Sith,

My wall or yours, 

Down below you have an update on THE DIRTY DISNEY ART BOOK, our first full color venture,

This update has THE WASP joining TINKERBELL on THE HOOK,

I have gotten a few questions from those who missed out on the Kickstarter,

If you want to add the Dirty Disney book to your pledges, it's just a simple $25 upgrade, then let me know in the survey at the end,

Tonight, if you're on YouTube or Facebook Live, check out me and Jose Varese drawing live tonight at Faro's Lounge,

The Lovely Star of Tonight's Art Show,

Your Fave & Mine

Jessica Rabbit,

Stay Tuned True Believers,



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