So there is a tornado watch in South Florida right now, and I am settled into the Lounge to watch Twister and have some Cayenne Pepper infused Cacao blended hot with love by a Pixi,

I was planning to have Jose Varese work on next month's Dirty Disney Cover, which will feature Tinkerbell and Wasp doing a lap dance on Captain's Hook

If the power doesn't go out later it will be time to finish the first season of the Star Wars Comic Book Series from Marvel, 

It has been fun getting back on the air, especially live at the lounge where the girls stay the same age and all have the same daddy issues, 

So tune on in and join me for some Star Wars fun later, I'm doing issues 11, 12 and the first Annual,

Hopefully weather permitting I will have Jose up here tomorrow night and filming him beginning the sketches, as for now here is the latest poster soon to be joining the Faro's Lounge Rare & Exotic Art Gallery,

Faro's Fantastic Four -- featuring team leader Sue Stormborne of Asgard, Elasti Girl from The Doom Patrol, Firestar from The New Warriors, and finally Madusa from The Inhumans,

As always join up with the newest Faro Kickstarter,



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