Greetings from Faro's Lounge on this June Thurs before the Summer Solstice,

For all you Darth Vader fans, plus anyone in the mood to see me shit on anyone walking in my comfort zone, catch my latest show on Twitch, while I slowly have to remember I have to live and share a society with annoying fucking people with oily skin, no abject comedic talent and loud voices that only amplify the fact that they are more obnoxious than funny and it's not the funny obnoxious, like I am,

Hang on, need to hit my pen, before I kill this man with a hot tea injection,


Listen and watch for yourself, I just did 2 hours and the entire 6 issue VADER DOWN Crossover like it was a movie.

Back to business, so my man Jose Varese just finished the colors on the newest member of the American Safari Collection, the lovely state of Alabama, which features a piece I like to call THE COSMIC BLONDES, as a tribute to Rocket City Huntsville, where they built them there rockets that done went and took our asses up into outer space and away from Fraggle Rock,

Ogle these lovelies, but remember, if you want the versions with the less space foam





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