Happy Thursday you calamatous collection of custard catchers, 

The final wave of Pixi Runners were shipped today, and I only have one more wave of Delaware's to go, once more freakin toploaders arrive,

So fill out your surveys and enjoy me losing my shit once again when my lineups will turn on me in tonight's football matchup between the Packers and Niners,

But fuck all that, you came for the cover, I have finally cut off the original CALIPORNIA print run and after a phone call with Master Varese, we came up with this idea,

If you loved Karate Kid and spanked yourself raw to Adventures in Babysitting, well then I salute you with my sticky palms,

This month's Kickstarter is now live with some Cobra Kai,

Also a topless chopper cover in the mix this month, and did I mention a new Superhero Strip Poker Poster,

Well then, click away my friend, I have games to watch and hookers to negotiate with,




Cobra Kai Season 3 Ali

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