Happy Friday, but with the pandemic screwing up the norms, I guess every day is Friday, well at least when you're doped up on cannabis and chasing whores, it always feels like Friday,

So enough babble, Master Varese sent this baby over to me just now and I absolutely love it,

The idea I had for the cover is dipping into a scene in this upcoming comic where Faro will fall into a secret wormhole to Mars and come face to boobs with ZELDARA the Mistress of Mars, thereby crossing over the comics and beginning my own personal Cinematic Universe that I hope one day Disney will buy and butcher :)

Anyway, this cover captures the moment when Faro and Zeldara celebrate their crossover exposition with a little comeover exhibition,

Let me know what you think, I was thinking of keeping the original art and framing it up in my new place but fuck it, I'm a gypsy so I just listed the OG ART on the KICKSTARTER,

Quick update, still have one last wave of Pixies and Delawares to go, my toploader delivery has been delayed so I apologize on behalf of the post office and overworked Amazon drivers,

And for next month, a long conversation with Master Varese bred up some old nostalgia mixed in with one of my favorite shows that I and I'm sure you all discovered during the quarantine,

Until next time true believers,




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