A got an email from one of my backers recently, one who is going through a battle, that battle doesn't matter for this discussion, because a battle is a fucking battle and no one has the right to measure theirs against yours, all we can do is develop a plan that we can use to inspire each other,

But when we don't have control over that power, we can provide help in another way, the greatest way possible, that magical word


That's the word the backer used to describe what my comics provide, a chance to laugh and smile when going through a dance with a demon disguised, and that simple thanks is enough fuel to get me through any downs I may encounter, 

In the grand scheme of life, love and laughter are the greatest commodities, and I love what I do, I create art from sick superhero fantasies that have cursed me throughout childhood, and I'm glad the side effect of my comics and art is escapism, because that's what comics represented to me growing up, something I still haven't fully accomplished yet at 41

So that brings up this brilliant piece of art, another backer of mine has brought an exclusive piece of art to his Ebay store as FARO'S LOUNGE CALIPORNIA VARIANT

Drawn by the legend in training JOSE VARESE, the CALIPORNIA theme for this Variant is of course 70s SUPERHERO PORN -- with my cover model the lovely LYNDA CARTER as WONDER WOMAN featuring a very soon to be lucky DEADPOOL,

More details to come, but in order to know, you should probably pledge, but who am I to attempt to seduce you,




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