Here is a progress shot from Hique's upcoming SILK & SABLE -- CARNAGE CHOPPER POSTER -- which will be the feature on our next Kickstarter -- The Faro's Lounge Arizona Edition.

Silk & Silver Sable on a Carnage Chopper

But while we wait for the sun to rise in Brazil here is another update to the Faro's Lounge Gallery,

I envisioned a Marvel Comics Universe that survives a major cataclysm and turns into THE REIGN OF MARVELS

Similar to House of M, think of the icecaps melting a Dr Doom melding with Darth Plagueis to become DARTH DOOM, who then enslaves the Fantastic Four into becoming his Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse and turning all the mutants into his slaves,

The Marvels battled back and the Earth was terraformed forever,

This has been a best selling poster for a while now and I promised that I would get it colored, and with Jose Varese so backed up with Covers & Commissions, it was time to get some new blood on the team to give our posters some much loved polish,

So here is the first of the bunch, the poster commission that started it all a year ago,

So many more Reign of Marvels to come, 

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