Happy Monday you Maniacs, and if you made it through all the X-Mas Music and X-Mas Specials and Family Squabbles, then you deserve some real nostalgia to get you through the New Year's Hangover,

Well enough stupid Holiday analogies, let's get to the art,

Faro's Poker Lounge -- X-Men Animated Round -- featuring all four ladies from the 90210 of the comic universe,

And FYI -- Next month's featured Strip Poker Poster will be a Todd McFarlane Tribute to his run on Amazing Spider Man -- featuring a Strip Poker game between Mary Jane, Silver Sable & Black Cat,

Always remember my friends, when it comes to Faro's Lounge, it starts with a fantasy, it becomes art, and if all goes well, it finishes with an orgy :)

Happy Shopping,




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