Happy Thursday you flaming piles of gelatinous goats, I'm happy to say that the Faro's Fantasy Sports Cards have finally arrived and will be shipping this week, 

AND AND AND The Dirty Disney Books have arrived and will also be shipping this week,

AND AND AND Pixi Runner 3 is finished and off to the printers tonight, so I look forward to getting those babies off to their new homes,

SO SO SO, without wasting any more time as I have packaging to do, take a gander first at the finished colors for Faro's Poker Lounge -- X-Men Animated Edition,

And if you missed a chance to get it on the Kickstarter that just ended, you know how we work here at the Lounge, as one Kickstarter ends, another one begins, so while pencils get pushed and postals get packaged, let's take another ride on Faro's American Safari, 

We have officially hit the halfway point as NEBRASKA will make us 25 States Deep into our 50 State Project,

And to celebrate NEBRASKA, we are busting out some HARLEY Vs PREDATOR : HEADHUNTER, starring that crazy gal that DC is trying to get Woke, along with the Head of that Alien that loves the Infra-Red,

Cornstalks will be adding when Master Varese is done with the inks, so get your generous gels over to Faro's Lounge,

Faro's American Safari -- Nebraska & the Pensacon Paradox by HooligansCO — Kickstarter



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