What a garbage Super Bowl that was, friggin thing had no drama and the commercials sucked my ass, but that doesn't really matter does it, all that matters is if you won money,

Well I didn't so fuck off, but I did meet a sexy tattooed stripper at my monstrous pool earlier that day, who mentioned where she was working till 2am, where I decided at midnight that I needed to salvage that boring ass game with a late night dance,

When she saw me she lit up and asked if I won,

I spotted her thighs in those boots, and got a whiff of the Chanel coming off her chest as she wrapped around me like a python,

"I just did," I replied, In a perfect Sean Connery accent,

I spent the entire rest of the night with vodka drooling down my chin as I literally forgot about the other people in the place and just grinded,

I'm seeing her later today, for a private cosplay session, where she will be Scarlet Witch, and I will be her Magneto :0

But onto business fuckers,

90% of Mars packages have shipped, along with 75% Cobra Kais and exactly 50% of the Dirty Disney packages,

The rest are going out as soon as more toploaders arrive,

All the Zeldara books have been ordered from the Printer, so those packages will be right behind these,

So onto the next round of Faro's American Safari,

Our mainstream Cover will be taking on a sequel of our Utah Jubliee & The Juggernaut Cover, starring Domino & Cable in a Furiosa//T-1000 & Robocop//Terminator//Old Painless kind of Mashup,

The 1st LTD Cover will be an homage to the Alex Ross Harley & Joker dancing cover starring Roger & Jessica,

And of course we have our BESKARDS -- Official Faro's Lounge Currency, with The Mandalorian & Grogu on one side and our flip side of the Card, which I call my abstract art :)

All this and more in our Kickstarter Video, which is of course on the Kickstarter Page,

Happy Hunting True Believers, and here's to another round,




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