Soooo, I actually had no plans to do an ANTI-VALENTINE's Art Book this year, between the moving and Covid and all that other shit, I didn't want to put out an anti-love book if I hadn't experienced anything close to anti-love during this particular cycle,

Then that boring Super Bowl happened, and I needed to salvage the night at a strip club with a tattooed stripper I met at my pool at a pre party, and it was a great night with a mediocre ending, perfect for some dark poetry,

But that wasn't enough, at least not yet,

Then Master Varese goes and delivers the inks for the Rabbit Ross Cover and we immediately begin joking about ways to twist it up into that typical Faro's Lounge Mature Theme,

At first I asked about stripping the dress of Jessica and Master Varese said it wouldn't mix with the theme of the piece,

Then we started talking about some alterations,

Then I remembered it was February,

And just like that, The Art Gods have answered,

So we have another book to ADD ON to this month's maladies,

Dark Poetry, Mature Cover and yes different Interiors then the NEVADA Book, this baby is available for a $30 add on to your current packages, and yes, it comes with a BONUS STICKER,

Happy Shopping True Believers, background and inks coming next,



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