I'm not gonna mince any words, the first Pre-Season NFL Game starts now and I have to go into Angry DraftKings God fuckin Hates Me Mode,

The FARO team is hard at work, Savy Lim is doing the interiors now for pages 13-20 and Rob Epps has the first 12 ready for colors and letters,

Here is the Finished Cover for Faro's Lounge The American Safari CONNECTICUT EDITION, featuring Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson in the Ultimate ESU Dorm Room Slumber Party,

If you want to see the MATURE VERSION in all it's glory, it's on the new FARO KICKSTARTER for ZELDARA -- THE MISTRESS OF MARS #1

With Jose Varese finishing up the DIRTY DISNEY TINKERBELL & WASP COVER, as well as Coloring the FARO's FANTASTIC FOUR POSTER, I have brought in Ale Garza to do the new ZELDARA MATURE COVER in a special VINTAGE PLAYBOY PINUP COVER DESIGN, 

Dirty Disney and Connecticut Interiors are being started as we speak, and the ZELDARA Covers are all in production, as well the script is finished, 

Faro's Lounge is fucking growing and it's thanks to you,

Here is the inks for the Mainstream Cover, as always my favorite SLAVE LEIA STEEL BIKINI TRIBUTE,

Doing Chrome Foil Covers, Pearl Cardstock, Metal Cover, all the bones and stones are here,

Hope to see you there,




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