It always manages to happen whenever I sense a moment of reflection.  Understandable and even expected at this point, but still fuckin aggravating,

Quite simple, we killed it on this July Kickstarter, and I look forward to delivering a sexy Dirty Disney Art Book,

One of our commissions has been abandoned with only 24 hours to go, so here we go friends,

I popped in two sexy Harley Commissions straight from the desk of Emil Cabaltierra, I look forward to seeing who brings another Harley Home,

KINGDOM HARLEY --  This commission will feature HARLEY QUINN AS TINKERBELL ALONGSIDE A JOKERIZED CAPTAIN HOOK -- NUFF FUCKIN SAID TRUE BELIEVERS. Reward includes the new Dirty Disney Art Book and Faro's Fantastic Four Poster.

Happy Shopping Harley Lovers,



Harley Quinn as a Jedi Knight

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