As I staved off Hurricane Dorian with my magic wand, well actually I was just drunkenly pissing into the wind off the pier at Deerfield Beach, but Hell, it was Man V Nature as far as I'm concerned,

Regardless of the storm that wasn't, ALL CONNECTICUT PACKAGES HAVE SHIPPED!!!!!!

And for more good news, the Dirty Disney Cover is finished and colored, and I have just handed off the files to my graphic designer, who I know will have some dirty digital fun putting in all the specifications for our FIRST FULL COLOR ART BOOK from Faro's Lounge,

Now we have the new book shipped, our first art book in production and two full comic books being colored and lettered, these are the most exciting times at Faro's Lounge,

Even better, I just got back from the opening of the new Star Wars Land at Walt Disney World, and mother fuckers, as a writer, they may have fucked up The Last Jedi, but they damn well got the park right, 

It was worth every penny my friends, and I never had more fun chasing my Leia through Disney's Star Wars, and let me tell you, even with the 9 million tourists, you still felt like you were in a real Star Wars Outpost and not some makeshift set,



So with all the cobwebs and catamarans out of the way, it's time to get the next chapter of THE AMERICAN SAFARI rolling, and what better way to do then with my home state of NEW YORK!!!!

There is no safe sexy cover on this one, we are doing TWO MATURE COVERS

Cover 1 -- Jose Varese's LADY LIBERTY -- HELL YEAH!!!

Cover 2 -- Emil Cabaltierra's DR STRANGELOVE featuring BLACK CAT & JESSICA RABBIT nude on a carpet made of the CLOAK OF LEVITATION,

Oh and I did I mention this month's featured poster is VELMA & DAPHNE RIDING TOPLESS ON A MAGICAL MYSTERY CHOPPER,

NUFF SAID, see you on Kickstarter,



Jessica Rabbit  and Black Cat on a Dr Strange Carpet

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