Happy Tuesday, my mailbox has been full with the sound of art arriving, well updates at least,

Let's get right into it by first showing off the WIDOW RABBIT COMMISSION from Emil Cabaltierra, which had suddenly become available after a backer was kidnapped by the Klingon Mafia,

If she doesn't find a good home soon, she will be going above my Bennett Black Go Go 60s Spiderman Art,

Either way, my wall or yours and she shall be happy,

So down below we have the latest cover in the ZELDARA -- The Mistress of Mars Variants, this being the TOPLESS CHOPPER VARIANT from HIQUE of Brazil, 

With all the current negative news coming out of Brazil due to the recent environmental tragedies, it's a bit of positive light to see such art and beauty still being produced from those that make the country such a desired destination on my bucket list,

So with Zeldara looking so good, and an UNBELIEVALBLE SCOOBY DOOBY DOO TOPLESS CHOPPER POSTER featuring DAPHNE & VELMA being offered up in next month's Kickstarter, it was time to get in another series of Topless Chopper Posters for my man Hique to start whipping up while we get ready for another Faro's Lounge American Safari Masterpiece,

I have already ordered two new concoctions, and I plan on ordering two more once I have your data and ideas,

Until then, pick up your copy of Zeldara, featuring this Brazilian inspired Beauty,




Zeldara the Mistress of Mars

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