Greetings my friends, and happy President's Day, 

I made the cannabis infused mistake of joining J-Date for 6 months, and then I saw the pickens, and I'm like shit, I hope I can convince their customer service to cancel,

I mean I had a date the other night that went fuckin awesome but still, there's always the temptation to build that seven day a week harem of muses, 

Strictly for the material, of course,

We shall see,

On to business,

So here is the first finished inks for Cover 1 in our Anti-Valentine's Art Book, 

The original art for this puppy is up for grabs for $500 on the current Kickstarter, and I've decided to up the ante a bit, seeing as I'm in a good mood and I got some,

So I have left in my possession the final pair of JESSICA RABBIT PUNISHER MIKE ZECK TRIBUTE POSTERS, the Kevlar and the Nude,

When my man Varese comes up to Faro's Lounge to drop off the original art sometime next week, I'll have him sign the final pair and I will add it as a Bonus to whoever picks up the Original Art for the first Jessica Rabbit Cover,

I'll even toss in a RED SONJA IRON RABBIT SIGNED POSTER, wow, Road House just came on cable, oh yeah, now it's on,

Well there you go my friends, let's see who jumps,



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