Happy President's Day Eve, if that's a thing,

First up, after a wonderful night sapping up the local flavor here in the Lake Worth Arts District, I remembered how much I love good Fantastic Four Alt Fiction, especially in #21 when I imagined Sue Storm taking over Subterreania as the new MOLE QUEEN,

Can't wait to dig into some FF Archives during the next Comics & Cannabis Stream, as always I need your subscriptions here, as I head towards 1,000 subscribers to match 1,000 Shopify Sales,


And on to new business, check out the latest update to the Anti Valentine's Covers,

This White Heart Cover has added a few severed heads, I still need to see Jose add Zartan there to complete the collection,

Last year we had hearts, now we have heads, good God what will happen next year,

As always we got the signature giant nips in there, so if want to bring those crimson laced milk duds home, you know where to click,




Jessica Rabbit Gi Joe

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