Happy Tuesday my friends, as you can see the first Utah Cover is done below and Jose is now inking the second Wolverine and Jubilee Cover to be handed off to our new colorist, who will be helping us get the production line moving faster,

Master Varese is a perfectionist, which often leads to him taking waaaay too long on his colors, a credit to his work ethic but a pain in the ass to all of us who want more mother fuckin covers and posters for our walls and imagination,

However, finding and locking down a reliable and talented colorist has been aggravating at best, but as you can see by the Sue Storm above, I think we have our man, 

Of course, as always I defer to you,

Let me know what you think, and for those of you who missed out on the Utah Books last month, you can add this to your package for a Kickstarter special of $20 for the rest of this campaign,

Happy Hunting,




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