Congrats to me and the Faro's Lounge team for our best Kickstarter campaign to date,

Although my consecutive streak of squatters has continued, this time with 8 hours left on the fucking Kickstarter someone just pulled out of one of the most sought after blanks in the game,

Gotham Road Trip -- Harley & Ivy

Package includes the FANTASTIC FLAN REWARD -- Original Watercolor Painted Blank Cover Commission Art from Faro's Lounge Far Eastern Hub Cover Man Emil Cabaltierra -- This Cover will give us a Classic Pinup Sexy Sixties Style Event as HARLEY QUINN & POISON IVY VACAY AT THE HELLFIRE CLUB -- Together they will be the TWIN LINGERIE QUEENS REPRESENTING GOTHAM 

So for you who put me in bad mood, you just cost me the price of a good hooker, but with this annoying virus, it seems all the good demons are in hiding,

So there you go, I'm going to get severely stoned and filter out my anger, let's see how sought after this blank really was,

Peace and Love,



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