The Zeldara 3 cover has completed it's metamorphisisesesesesssss, and I am happy to show off the finished inks as it goes off to the colorist,

Master Varese is doing some last touch ups on the Mortal Kombat Gaming Goddesses Cover so I can get that colored and get those packages put together,

After that it's just the Strip Poker Poker Cover needed to complete the Zeldara 3 Kickstarter Campaign,

So before that happens, Master Varese and I got into talking about following up the Rubi Rojo Redheads Book with a book about blondes,

And we got to talking about the show with the ultimate blondes Baywatch,

And just like that a new idea was born,

The same way we collected a bunch of Redhead Cover Commissions and retired the Redheads Strip Poker Poster -- we are following suit with a Collection of Blondes Blondes and more Blondes, and of course retiring the Strip Poker Blondes Poster,

Plus as a double header, we are doing another chapter of The American Safari, this time heading to Minnesota with a Twin Vikings Cover starring She-Ra and Lady Thor in a sweaty Gladiator Battle,

As for the posters, it will be House Greyskull, starring a Cersei inspired SHE-RA and Mountain inspired MAN-AT-ARMS and of course the second poster and latest entry into our Sui-Cycle Series,


Happy Shopping, and yes the Scarface Cover is in the Add On Section if you missed it last month, :)



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