Ok my friends, Master Varese was just at Faro's Lounge causing some artistic havoc that will soon be revealed as our next Anti-Valentine's Art Book,

As for the theme, let's just say it involves Jessica Rabbit in a Black Widow Scarlet GI Joe Mashup Double Cover Yin Yang with Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes -- is that enough of a hint,

I have ordered the FARO SUMMER 1867 Books and look forward to reporting in when they ship out to me,

Til then, Jose has finished the Faro's American Safari SOUTH DAKOTA Cover -- featuring SHE-RA & SKELETOR on a GRAYSKULL CHOPPER,

As I start choosing which pieces will go into the interiors, he then hands me the flat covers for the HAPPY HARLEY DAYS COLOR ART BOOK,

And baby I can't wait to see that fucker finished,

So for those of you who missed out on the SOUTH DAKOTA Book on the December Kickstarter, you can add them to your packages for $20

For those of you who missed out on HAPPY HARLEY DAYS, you can add that baby for $25 to your pledge,

If anyone wants BOTH!!! -- you can have them both for $40,

Happy Shopping my friends, it only gets better next month,

I'm going for a late night pint at the pub, the owner is my next door neighbor and the bartender has an ass like a peach,

Good times ahead,

Now go click the link, I need beer money,




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