It's Saturday and I spent an entire Friday chasing a cute Filipino Stripper around the Fox Super Bowl Complex down in South Beach,

May I just say if you ever wanted an absolute meat market of the finest tanned and exposed flesh of all varying colors, sizes and tattoo patterns, then Ocean Drive is everything it ever was from my memories and everything it still claims to be, which is wonderful to see, especially considering how expensive and time consuming chasing and claiming that stripper was,

But as a writer, it's a necessary vice, when one is in between relationships, he must keep his pen sharp hee hee hee hee,

And if you consider it a model meeting or excuse me the new term "influencer" then technically, banging that chick was a tax write off,

I love Trump's America,

So, first up, FARO SUMMER 1867 is going off to print on Monday, once I have finished packing up the remainder of the New Jersey and Arkansas Sketchbooks, I'm looking forward to hearing your reviews once they arrive in your mailboxes,

Up above is the Faro Summer 1867 Cover, featuring RED RAVEN -- the Indian Priestess given the monumental task of resurrecting Faro's Soul from the 9 Circles of Hell, where Faro is hanging out on the astral plane with his best friend for one final journey,

It is without a doubt the best thing I've ever written and the one thing we were waiting for to complete the packages was the finished colors on THE BARONESS 11 x 17 POSTER, which posted down below I hope you will agree was worth the weight,

For those of you that missed out on this baby on the first run, it is available for an ADDITIONAL $12 to your current pledge,

Tune in tomorrow night, or technically Monday considering how long it takes to upload the fuckin videos, but Master Jose Varese will be joining me at Faro's Lounge to first show off any updates and finished pieces as well as start up our ANTI-VALENTINE'S COVERS for next month's Kickstarter,

The characters, hmm, let's just say it will be a special GI JOE MATURE MASHUP featuring a Double Cover of Jessica Rabbit in a Scarlet Black Widow Mashup with Snake Eyes on one cover & Storm Shadow on the other,

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