Greetings my friends, I just got back from a drunken weekend in Daytona with some old pals, and as always I'm the poorest of the group, but still the best looking,

Guns N Roses ended up getting rained out, so I took the opportunity to slide over to Orlando and pop in on MegaCon -- as well as vent my frustrations over being the brokest of my frat brothers by smashing a sexy Cuban stripper who spoke absolutely no English but had tattoos of snakes and roses going up her legs to her ass,

Good God I love art,

Anyway, I am back in town and the first wave of Zeldara 5 packages have started shipping, as well as the recently finished blank cover commissions and original art,

Jose sent this sketch to me last night, the Alpha Centurion Assassin in her Cocoon,

With the 4 X-Horsemen LTD Books close to selling out (ONLY SEVEN LEFT as of this email), and the always great feedback to my Alien Character, I have played around with my old Fantasy Baseball Card idea and put together a WORLD SERIES LTD COVER,

I'm doing an LTD 100 of the World Series Card as a Pixi Runner 4 Variant Cover, which will have the thick Baseball Card Stock with ULTRA VIOLET SPOT FOIL and Serial Numbering on the front, which will also be signed by Jose Varese and ME, since I designed the card and gambled away all the damn money it represents,

The Back of the Comic will have the Card Back and Stats, so basically think of this Variant as a Comic Book Wrapped in a Baseball Card, your youth Mashed Up.

This baby also comes with a Mystery Laptop Sticker that will be revealed on next month's Kickstarter,

Available in the ADD-ON Section,

Happy Shopping,



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