Happy Humps my friends, I am 2 days away from my 45th birthday in this life cycle, so I am heading up to Pittsburgh to go cheer up a depressed millionaire former roommate of mine, plus a little cannabis and stripper infused roadie across Pennsylvania, West Virginia before a final pit stop at the Pro Football Hall of Fame, which will get me jaxxed up for our Fantasy Football Book in July,

The next wave of Zeldara V Books and Posters have gone out, and I will more than likely have the last 100 out before I fly out on Friday morning,

Until then, I decided to do the Tinkerbell Print Run at 250, since I fell in love with the fuckin thing, so with about 200 going out the door this weekend, I have 50 left, which of course, are now in the Add-On Section, before I jack up the price on Ebay,

Scarlet Witch up top, Tinkerbell in the bottom, 

As always it's my pleasure to serve :) 




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