I just finished packing the rest of the Zeldara 8 Kickstarters -- so you know how I never like to go out on holidays,

They shall all be going out this Tuesday when the mail starts up again, and I will be ordering the Faro 1868 and new Texas books from the printer asap -- as they are all finished,

So here's the first deal of 2024 -- stolen from the secret stash of a lost seller -- I have my last 24 LTD Barbenheimer Books -- in the last 24 hours for 2024

Yes I know, it's annoying, but I'm a numerology fan, and you know my favorite number is 3, hee hee,

Happy Shopping my friends, the last 24 for 2024 are available in the Add-On section for you guessed it, $24 :)

Oh, and I've added a bonus sticker for all packages,

Happy Hunting,




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