Happy almost 2024 -- if I see one more f'n commercial with some frumpy bitch telling me we're all in this together I'm going to visit Hollywood with a flamethrower and a magazine :)

But alas, if NFL Football was a 30 min game I'd be 300K richer -- but alas there was a second half last night -- and two teams who forgot to score for the last thirty friggin minutes.

So while continue my eternal wallow and ask the same question as you, which is WHY WHY WHY, because I like the friggin abuse that's why,

Which segues us into the colors for my TEXAS XMAS LTD Cover -- which are almost gone -- I love a Kickstarter clean sweep,

BTW -- I will be having a festive covered version of this cover -- but that will be available next month bc to be honest -- I forgot I commissioned it, I always commission the mature version but every now and then toss in a little more for a covered version --- which needs a little more X-Mas in it.

And for those of you who missed out on the Halloween and Sue Storm Holofoils I have 16 of the Suede Reys left in my coffers -- the type of cover you can feel up in your spare time, and the perfect appetizer for next month's Slave Leia Collection Book,

Happy Hunting True Believers,




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