Another weekend, another obstacle, this time in my  fuckin stomach,

Ugh, getting old blows, especially when you think you're in great shape and then you over do it on the cake and Chinese food and your body decides to let you know about your own mortality,

The way I see it, I hate working out, the only reason I do it is because I understand I like to eat like a pig, so the trade off should be the lack of diet,

To this day I don't understand people who both eat right and exercise, but of course I'm a fuckin schitzo psychopath so much of what I say has the weight of a wet feather :) on to the fuckin art mates,

This is the Mermaid Double Commission Monday, and as always the man behind the watercolors is Emil Cabaltierra, who has finished his commissions from the Ohio and North Carolina Campaigns and is now on top of the current Valentine's Day orders,

North Carolina books should be arriving at the end of this week and the rest of the Ohio will be going out with them at the same time, as I have ordered a brand new stack of envelops, flash mailers and poly bags, 

It's going to be an orgy of postal workers at my place this week, which involves a lot of baby oil and cardboard, and some YooHoo, for drinking of course, you fuckin perverts,

As for Action  Comics 23 -- here we go friends -- after 22 long issues, where Superman would often dispatch and even death upon every possible generic scumbag stereotype thug and suited gangster that more than likely preyed upon each and every person that was fucked during the aftermath of The Great Depression, we finally get the introduction to Superman's most famous villain Mr Lex Luthor,

Lex is a ginger and looks like a fuckin wizard, but he is at his best as the mastermind behind the world between Toran & Galonia,

As Lois and Clark navigate the divided streets of Belgaria, which is the neutral nation in this conflict that was drummed up for Superman's benefit, Lois is yanked off the streets and Superman must trace the culprits, one of which of Galonian General Lupo, who along with his army, are hypnotized by Lex Luthor, as is the heads of the Toran Army,

Lex of course is playing the Tony Stark role, dealing arms to both sides and building secret fortresses and a destroying green ray that can wipe out a city in minutes,

Fucker has a Death Star right in his European Lair, which is where Lois brought to be his love slave,

But before she can consider Ming's offer, Superman is leaping through the air and into the mountain, which then turns into a flying Dirigible (I fucking love that word) where Lex has his minions lock Lois in a tower,

There's a tower in the lair, the lair that is on the dirigible, the dirigible filled with hypnotized troops,

All this in about 10 pages,

By the time it's done Superman has saved Lois and crashed the Dirigible, no doubt believing that Lex was killed in the crash,



Ugh, good intro, shitty art, I hope we see this Luthor again, he was pretty badass,

Of course you can get your Superman fix at the Faro's Lounge gallery, where we all the coolest shit to blow your Daytona 500 winnings on,

Until then for those of you sharing Westeros with me, Happy President's Day,

For those of you in Essos and beyond the Free Cities, Happy Fuck All Bollocks Day,

Enjoy the bloody mermaids baby, and pledge for the new Anti Valentine's Day Sketchbook, I prepared three wonderfully dark essays for you,




Harley Quinn as a Mermaid with a Joker Fish

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