We got all sorts of shit happening right now, and I'm not just referring to my corrupted bowels,

While I suck down questionable organic protein shakes and lunch special sushi, I invite you to enjoy this update on the Poison Ivy Jessica Rabbit Mature Mashup Faro's Lounge Anti Valentine's Day Sketchbook Mother Fucker How Long is This Title.

So I finished the writing on the Anti Valentine's Essays, and may I tell you that this shit is dark,

You may look at me differently once you read these stories, but I do know this,

You will understand why and how I am and am constantly proving and becoming the GREATEST FUCKING COMIC BOOK WRITER WHO EVER TYPED IN CAPS,

But until the empire mine, enjoy the update, and pledge to the Kickstarter, you want this issue,

It did give me some thought to what poster I will have set up for the April Kickstarter, which will finally be us getting the next issue of the Faro Saga up and running again, the emotional Faro Goes to Hell issue I've been promising for a while,

With the final season of Game of Thrones coming out I think the Featured Faro Poster will be for RED SONJA to be sprawled out on The Iron Throne, 

I'm just torn on who should be joining her,

I chose CARNAGE, who will appear in the piece flanking Sonja on the throne as a Red Shadow Demon,

Jose Varese wants to put in HELLBOY, since he is a monster fan of the character and is about to be rebooted, God Willing,

I have Carnage up on the piece now, which is listed on the Kickstarter, give me your choice on the flank,


As for Action Comics 24 -- how do they follow up the debut of Lex Luthor, ugh, they go back to basic pump and dump stories where Superman destroys a gambling ring because an old man asks him to fix one last mistake he made in being a bad father before he dies,

That paragraph is all you need to miss out shit on Superman's continuity, I think the writer's were getting blowjobs that month and mailed it it, 

I guess old Jessica will have to save your souls,

Until then my friends,





Jessica Rabbit as Poison Ivy

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