Happy 2021 fuckers, without doing another stupid comment about leaving that year behind and moving on, let me remind you that we made some kick ass fuckin comics in 2020, not mention how much dirty green paper I spent on Colombians and Cannabis, strictly for research purposes,

Here are some updates,

FARO FALL 1867 Mission to Mars is FINALLY FINISHED, just got the final PDF from Duke the Letterer, so I will be sending out the Digital Rewards tonight, one comic at a time,

COBRA KAI & THE SUI-CYCLE SPECIAL are FINISHED, just waiting on the colorist for the BLACK ADAM Vs WONDER WOMAN Poster and then I'll be sending both campaigns off to the printer for my packaging and shipping pleasure,

DIRTY DISNEY is waiting on the DARTH GROGU, which just got finished and is off to the colorist,

After that it's just the HULK JOKER POSTER and that campaign will be put to bed,

On to the new,

While Emil has just started the pages for PIXI RUNNER 2, I had my man Austin go on a run and produce issue number 2 of ZELDARA, the MISTRESS of MARS, which will feature a VINTAGE PLAYBOY PINUP COVER by Master Jose Varese, as well as this little Nostalgia baby featuring a KNULLIFIED GRAND ADMIRAL SCROOGE and his Slave -- PRINCESS JASMINE VENOMIZED,

Limited Edition as always -- Happy Hunting and Happy New Year from the new Faro's Lounge HQ -- Beautiful DOWNTOWN FORT LAUDERDALE,





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