After getting my balls handed to me in the Bills Colts game,  I had this weird balance of anger of losing cash but also euphoria because my friggin Buffalo Bills are advancing to the next round of said Playoffs,


You kidding me,

Anyway, needing a true place to direct my anger, I turned to this recent Spanish heritage scandal with Alec Baldwin's wife HILARIA aka Hilary,

I'm not getting into that shit but I will say that the one thing I truly enjoy this most of this new age of art and comics, is that whenever a celebrity does something to piss off us common folk, we never truly get satisfaction past mocking them, because at the end of the day, they are still rich, 

Kathleen Kennedy, Amber Heard and Brie Larsen are bitter cunts who deserve to be forced into retirement Jack Woltz Godfather style, however that doesn't change the fact that they're still rich off being mediocre and consistently running the people for calling out their bullshit rather then accepting accountability,

So how do we win, how do we get a true sense of satisfaction over these fuckin con artist celebrities,

Right here of course,

I ordered two new commissions from Emil, one for a Slave Leia HILARIA, complete with Cucumbers and Frozen Alec, 

I also ordered a SLAVE SHEENA FROZEN BEASTMASTER, because we just lost Tanya Roberts (RIP Stacey Sutton)

Point of all of this, this goes beyond making a couple of bucks off a commission, because the profit goes to cannabis and my never ending quest to fuck models till I die,

When I do storylines or commissions based on celebrity fuck ups, I take that cash and finance my life, my vices, my pleasures,

In essence we take all that con artist garbage celebs throw at us, mock it, mash it up, sell it, and use the money to have fun as oppose to survive,

So I pimp their asses right back to my bank account, while most people just bitch on Youtube,

So let them dance out there, let their narcissistic ways continue to piss you, me and the rest of the world off,

Because I'll get mine either way,

So let's work together to get you yours,

Continuing to live The Writer's Life



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