Happy Sunday my friends, I am chatting comics and cons with some gentlemen Gators from UF and I realize more and more why I love doing this for a living, being able to cross generations and share a hatred for Game of Thrones and White Phase Out er I mean Phase 4 lol,

I am working on the Zeldara #1 script right now and I am loving the process.  She is basically the bartender of an outpost on Mars catering exclusively to demons coming to and from Hell,

In the first issue, we will be taking on The Kennedy Assassination, but the victim will be Kathleen Kennedy getting picked off JFK style at a Disney Parade, 

She will then show up to Zeldara's not to be roasted, but to be thanked, because without her fucking up a mainstream masterpiece, Indy Comics wouldn't be as strong a force as it is today,

Kathleen of course will get pissed and manipulate her fellow demons essence to become, THE SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR -- kind of the Hybrid of The Ultimate Warrior and Admiral Holdo :)

But you will have to wait a bit for that, as we are bringing in a new interior team and brand new covers while the rest of the Faro's Lounge Team finished up their respective pages and commissions.

Time to show off some new sketches and of course the updated color flats

UP above you will notice Harley Quinn beginning her Jedi Training, fuck Rey

DOWN below we have Gwen Stacy & Mary Jane Watson enjoying an innocent pillow fight while waiting for Peter to arrive via the window view,

Of course, if you want to see the kitties, you have to click the link for the full view,

Enjoy and as always, stay sexy,




Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson Pillow Fight

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