Happy Saturday my friends, I went to a Tantric Concert last night and watch rocker chick bodies looking wonderful, and then I get home and Emil sends over the first batch of inks from the newest squad of Blank Cover Commissions,

Good news, ALL ALABAMA SKETCHBOOKS have shipped out, so I look forward to hearing all of your happy smiles and wiles, 

The CONNECTICUT GWEN & MARY JANE PAJAMA PARTY COVER should be finished tonight, and Jose Varese managed to fit in Spidey's Reflection on the window pane, 

As always Varese delivers a masterpiece,

Savy Lim is hard at work on Faro Summer 1867 Interiors, and Rob Epps will be getting his first batch of 12 pages to start coloring and lettering,

So I will be starting a brand new Comic next month, Zeldara the Mistress of Mars is finally getting her own title,

Stay tuned True Believers,

As for now, there is 4 days left on the Kickstarter Dirty Disney Art Book Campaign,

Pledge accordingly,




Rogue Red Sonia Mashup

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