Time, Time for some updates,


Still waiting on colors for ALABAMA,

While you are waiting for the newest issue of Faro to be finished I will sending along the DIGITAL COPIES OF THE BACK ISSUES in the next update.

I just sent a butload of cash to my team of stark raving starving artists,

Savy Lim is now working on the interiors of FARO SUMMER 1867, I look forward to showing off the sketches as they arrive before shipping off to the colorist,

Emil Cabaltierra has just received 50 fresh new FARO BLANK COVERS, so he is now onto the next batch of wild commissions,

Hique is finishing up the colors on the next batch of TOPLESS JOYRIDER POSTERS, with this RENE MONTOYA & ZATANNA RIDDLER ROADHORSE being the newest poster for our newest Kickstarter,

And speaking of the newest Kickstarter, while the next chapter of Faro goes into production, Jose Varese is back on the hammer doing cover colors, poster colors, and getting back to his monster list of commissions,

This next commission was originally intended to be a blank cover commission for a backer in Hawaii,

After a lengthy discussion over the wires, we have ourselves our next AMERICAN SAFARI COVER,

Picture this my friends, growing up on THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN, I never wanted to choose between Gwen & Mary Jane


So with a wonderful weekend with a lovely former gal I desired in college I went with a good old fashioned ESU THREEWAY FANTASY,

This new cover will be available in PAJAMA & NUDE VARIANTS,

Also now shipping all comics and posters with protective toploaders,

So stop fuckin reading and get your asses over to the link,

I've babies to make and bitches to take,




Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson having a naked pillow fight

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