Only 3% remains on this Kickstarter my friends,

And in an effort to boost up my audience - aka - begging and whoring myself around town and cyberspace to get my little comic book finished,

Anyway, I was jumping around Twitch TV last night, eagerly looking for a Robin to my Batman, and I found the sweetest little thing, 

She had pop, she had personality, she had some fuckin attitude, but unfortunately, she also had a giant MORI stuck through her chest,

She was playing DEAD by DAYLIGHT, and I laughed and laughed and boom boom boom, and idea popped in my head,

So I wrote to Mr Emil Cabaltierra and immediately ordered up a new commissions

I'll just copy and paste it and see who pops up,

And here's some more candy to add to the fire,

I contacted the DREAD_BOOO2U and told her that if this piece sells, I'm taking her out for a night on the town,

Make this happen fuckers, here's the description


Original Watercolor Art -- Blank Cover Commission Art Emil Cabaltierra. So the other night, I am perusing the world of Twitch TV and I suddenly see, the most wonderful golden angel (DREAD_BOOO2U) playing a game called DEAD BY DAYLIGHT where she is running for her lovely sweet fucking life while trying to outwit, outplay and outlast THE SHAPE aka MICHAEL MYERS. Much to my dismay, my lovely little angel ended up on the receiving end of a MORI. Her painful, melodramatic death by slashing gave me a brilliant idea. So ladies and gentlemen, this piece of blood splashed decadence will feature SURVIVOR JANE all done up in the special SLAVE LEIA STEEL BIKINI while she is impaled in a perfectly pulsating position of freakish fatality while awaiting her fate from a MORI WIELDING SHAPE. Reward Package includes THE SUMMER FLING.




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