Happy Monday my friends, except of course if you had Kirk Goddamn Cousins on all of your top Best Ball Fantasy Football teams, then your fn throat probably feels like mine, which was just dated raped by a series of hung Reptilian pirates.

So with a Kickstarter coming to an end and a desire to work out some new colorists, I have re-earthed an old piece of art from the archives and had it repurposed, covered in Holochrome, serially numbered to 100 and signed by my main man JOSE VARESE, perhaps I'll even leave my stamp on it in case you want to drop the slab value a few points :),

It's Faro's HALLOWEEN HOLOFOIL SPECIAL -- and it's available in the ADD-ON Section and friendly candy saving coupon discount, 

Why?  Because I'm being generous, Because I like to jump on that endless friggin make a Holiday Cover Bandwagon in order to squeeze another few measly dollars out of your Biden Bled Pockets,


It's because I'm a degenerate fuckin fantasy football junkie, and I like to have cosplay themed orgies with my winnings because I'm a little boy afraid to grow up,

Happy Hunting,




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