Greetings my friends, all the new California Books and Posters have shipped, so I look forward to the echoing sounds of backers screaming as they slice through 800 layers of clear tape wrapped around your layers of thin ebay envelopes and flash mail cardboard,

Ahh to be a descriptive writer making lovely filler,

So with those out the door I only have 17 packages left to send from the Anti-Valentine's Kickstarter, just waiting on more books to arrive from the printer because I miscounted and always need a few extras on hand in case of damage reports,

So with all that hullabaloo out of the way, it's time for a new ride on that Kickstarter train, which brings us the next chapter of FARO,

This time traveling adventure is dear to my heart, and it takes an arrogant fuck to do the whole, this story is loosely based on my life crap,

This story is based on the grand psychosis and hallucinations of a man who has traveled the world with a dangerous curiosity and no boundaries, and these stories are the consequences of a man with an unlimited imagination, but my credibility is measured by the scars all over my body,

So pledge away my friend, cuz this issue introduces our new Steampunk Cyborg, modeled after who else but the apple of cover artist Jose Varese's eyes :)

And for those of you LTD Collectors, I have done the final count and defaulted backers have left me SIX REMAINING COPIES of the American Safari California LTD Bettie Page Covered Slave Leia,

Available only at Faro's Lounge,

Happy Hunting True Believers,



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