Happy V-Day to those with loved ones, or those bribing those to act like loved ones even if for a brief moment in time,

I'm hoping to have the writing finished up on the Anti-Valentine's Day Sketchbook and the graphic designer takes over from there while Jose puts together the colors on Miss Jessica Rabbit,

Rumors are abound of a Venom Variant, HMMM,

Well while we wait, why not enjoy some Emil Cabaltierra Art in the form of the coolest Hybrid Heroine of the season,


You saw it here first true believers, now grab your own piece of magic on the new Faro Kickstarter, itching towards the dreaded 400% plateau, which I attribute to hitting .400 in baseball,

Speaking of baseball, don't forget to check out the Kicks & Clocks section of the store, as well as the Farrell Apparel, 

I've added a shitload of long sleeve shirts, which I have now renamed STRONG SLEEVE,

Fuck off, I like it, I'm branding that shit, obnoxious Lebron style,


On to Mr Superman, I must say, in Action 21, the writers just all Game of Thrones Season 7 on this plot,

Within 14 pages Superman, in his pursuit of Ultra Humanite, who is now mind melded and living in the body of actress turned terrorist Dolores Winters, is just wreaking fucking havoc across 1930s Metropolis, which resembles a bunch of solid colored blocks, this being the age of artists not being concerned with backgrounds or backdrops,

Ah how the industry was just begging for Jack Kirby to rescue it,

So Supes is taking out thugs, leaping into the air to punch planes in their propellers, and threaten cops, who have all been lead to a mismash trap by Dolores, who is flying around Metropolis in a Dirigible, yes a fucking Dirigible, I love saying that,

So Dolores is just talking shit over the microphone across the city and Superman is leaping all over until he climbs aboard, to which he and Dolores crash the Dirigible into a nearby volcano, which Dolores then dives into and triggers an explosion, which then triggers the volcano, which Superman must then plug like a gimp's asshole,

In 14 fucking pages, Brian Michael Bendis would still be writing that shit 4 years later, prick,

So my friends, Action 21 is worth a yarn, until, enjoy my HARLEY--GWEN and pledge to the Anti-Valentine Kickstarter,




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