Waiting for updates from Emil & Jose always send a shiver of excitement up my spine,

Turns out it was a bloody chunk of shit working its way out  of my colon as I overdid on some shitty Irish themed food that was more than likely bathed in salt before it was basted in sodium,

This was one of those days where I thank God I steam, swim and soak everyday -- it put my body in a position to push out whatever bad was building in my body,

Now that I'm still alive, we have this glorious piece of Original Watercolor Art, which can only be followed up by having Sue Storm assassinate and behead Namor fuckin Ned Stark style and ascend to the throne as NAMORA -- The Queen of Atlantis,

Flanked only by her new assassin Black Manta, or perhaps King Shark, hmm, I may have to let the buyer decide before Emil breaks ground,


As for Action Comics 20 -- well let's just say Ultra Humanite has mind melded into a celebrity actress, and even acting like a total bitch, no one in Hollywood knew the difference,

Ha, Ha, that's a just a little bit of that vanilla celebrity humor, laugh you fuckin twats or go buy a Jamie Tyndall book, ugh, fuck him,

So posing as celebrity Dolores Winters, Ultra convinces a whole shitload of celebrities to go on a yacht party with her, which she then proceeds to take out into international waters and plans to hold them all hostage,

See this is where time travel comes into play,

In the original boring story, Clark Kent pushes Perry White for some vacation time and heads out to Hollywood to see them moving pictures and maybe threaten Jack Waltz into putting Johnny Fontaine in his latest picture,

Anyway, Clark Kent gets invited to the celebrity yacht party and saves the fuckin day as Superman, wall smashing thugs before Dolores can dive overboard and get away to fight another day and mind meld into another person, thereby destroying the reputation of poor Dolores,

See if this way today, when they took that yacht full of celebrities into international waters, you know Trump would've lobbed a missile or two on that shit and BAM, Atlanta is the new capital of the movie industry,

Until that day True Believers, check out my store for some Kicks, Clocks and Farrell Apparel





Sue Storm and Namor take over Atlantis

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