Happy Friday my friends, the first wave of Dirty Disney Books and Fantasy Sports Cards have shipped, but I have been delayed a couple of days as the printer sent me the Dirty Disney Ariel and Ivy Books without the Aqua Foil Covers, and while they look cool anyway, I didn't want to ship them with the premium design I charged you all for,

So while the bad news is that you have to wait another week for the LTDs to get replaced, the good news is that the printer gave me a free upgrade from Aqua Foil to HOLO-CHROME, so those of you who got the LTDs will be getting the Holo-Chromes over the Foil, which I like better because I didn't want to lose the bad ass background of Disney collapsing into the ocean,

So now that that business is done, all the Tangled Packages will be going out this weekend and I'll have the LTD packs going out next week.

I will start sending out the Pixi Runner Digital Packages once Kickstarter is done collecting the pledges, which should be either Mon or Tues, and I will have the print orders going out for that as well,

Until then, after finishing off the Zeldara 1984 packages, I have EIGHT copies left of the Zeldara 1984 Variants with the Harley Vs Terminator Covers, all Signed & Numbered by Jose Varese,

I have slapped them over to the ADD-On section,

Happy Shopping True Believers,




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