Happy Sunday, one last weekend before Football begins, they really need to end that preseason crap and just get to it,

But enough of that crap, my building is filled with packages waiting for the angry postal worker, but don't worry, I always slip them a 20 when I see them,

Here is the Inks for the Happy Harley Days 2 -- Harley's Angels Cover, complete with the motif up top,

As always, it's been a pleasure serving you on this Kickstarter, so what's in the bag for next month,

Originally in the schedule was to be ZELDARA 6, and I even have the first Anime Cover from my man in Colombia ready to go, but then all this mess started with the WB and the Flash and Batgirl, and then there was apparently some Waco shit going down in Vermont, and since I recently returned from that state on my New England Culinary Tour, I was immediately inspired and woke up the sleep deprived Jose Varese,

So Zeldara 6 has been pushed back to the October Kickstarter, and next month will have another chapter added to the American Safari,

The Cover for VERMONT -- A bound and gagged Jessica Rabbit as BATGIRL, and a strung out coked up Roger as THE EZRA-FLASH!!!!!! -- perhaps even a crumbling WB Tower to boot,

As for the LTD Variant -- think of Wayne Gretsky and Jason from Friday the 13th :)

Happy Shopping,




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