Happy Saturday my friends, I have the updated inks for the House Greyskull Poster from last month's campaign, which of course is in the Add-On section this month if you missed it,

And I finally got laid without paying for it, almost a new experience for me, I actually went out, met a MILF at a bar, got drunk with, walked her home, made out, stripped her down and fucked her brains out, kissed her good night and made the walk of shame back across town,

The only thing missing to be honest, was an open diner,

It's amazing, you can have the sex life of a monk or a rock star and somehow, it's important to never forget what gets you there, and for once it wasn't cash or a fuckin phone app,

So yet again, a surreal moment,

Anyway, enjoy the poster update, and of course, if you needed some incentive to join up with us this month, this is the other featured Poster this month,

I'm calling it SUICYCLE CYCLOPS,

Happy Shopping,




Jean Grey and Psylocke on a Cyclops Cycle

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